Roy Udyog

Waterproofing Contractor, Job in Kolkata / Howrah

We are Waterproofing Contractor in Kolkata / Howrah, offer our customer high quality Waterproofing materials / chemical / products and we are proud to be an exclusive dealer of Dr. Fixit. This product is used in various ways for Waterproofing of concrete-cement mortar in the construction industry. Dr. Fixit is also used for Waterproofing of concrete and mortar used in rcc columns, beams, basements, roof slabs and screeds, water tanks, water retaining structures, external plastering, bathrooms, balconies, slumps & drains also as bonding agent for bonding new to old concrete. Their latest development comes with Waterproofing your entire house by various Waterproofing interior and exterior coating which was previously used in Singapore and now in India.

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